Preyan Mehta & Companies- Creating Democratically Smart World

Ar. Preyan Mehta

founder and owner

we envision a World, which will be Democratic & Smart in its Nature and will act as a Singular entity. our mission is to bring people together, no matter the country they belong from, race, sex, caste etc and design a Democratically Smart World, which is the only solution to all the Global issues currently faced by our civilization. 

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we are a group of companies, whose aim is to provide Solutions for the One World, by Designing a Democratically Smart World, through intensive and extensive Research & Analysis, and spreading awareness by Educating them.

currently, we've 4 fronts under PM & Co. - Design services; Education; Research & Analysis; One World Solutions; 

& why we do, what we do

design is a frontier of any change. In our first phase, we are attacking Spatial, Product and Graphic design. The next phase will go into Fashion design.

we design change

research & analysis is the foundation for a change. If you don't re-search for new ideas, if you don't analyse the current policies, you can't change.

we reSearch & analyse for change

education is the main pillar for a change, especially when the change we are talking about requires changing the World. 

we educate towards change

one world solutions is a realm, where we try to prescribe solutions for the Democratically Smart World.

we prescribe solutions for change

digital gated community, is the first product of PM & Co., whose aim is 

"to create a Gated Community, connected through and on digital platforms, for the Exchange of Knowledge"

this O.W.S. (One World Solution) is based on the paper: Democratically Smart World- from neighbourhoods to the World. The digital G.C. (Gated Community), is made up of people from all the professions, making knowledge inter & intra disciplinary and will be categorised on three parameters (parameters from the paper)- Human, Nature & Technology (H.N.T.). How a piece of knowledge benefit each of the parameter, is one of the rating criteria in H.N.T. scale