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digital gated community

the reason we will UNITE, is the reason why we live our lives, is the reason we socialise, we realised that we've time before we reach the Blackmirror Apocalypse. We realised the importance and urge of requiring a Platform, where a Human can Share Knowledge, and not just Life Stories, or their Work, or their Art. 

we at PM & Co., are working day & night so that we can bring it to YOU- The Knowledge Sharing Platform, which we've named, Digital Gated Community.

because knowledge, IS

.- a Social Media website

.- a Blogging website

.- a Place to Market and Sell yourself 

et al.

& it is definitely NOT a place for YOU or YOUR life. 

what digi. Gated Community is NOT

.- a place where Inter & Intra Disciplinary Knowledge will be shared

.- a place where the Knowledge Networking will happen

.- a place where Knowledge is the Centre

.- a place which is a Closed Community


& is a Knowledge Bank for the Future generations

digi. Gated Community IS

the Digital Gated Community, or Digi.G.C. will be rolled out in phases

Phase 01

the Phase 01 will be like any personal blog, where we'll be blogging on the platform, testing, adding, modifying, improvising various functions. 

Hence, in this Phase, noone will be allowed to share Knowledge, it'll be a Binary Chain of Knowledge sharing, where YOU can participate in Quality Checking the Knowledge Shared, and making as many People aware about our Initiative as possible.

Dig in right away, to our Beta 1.0 of the Phase 01

Phase 02

the Phase 02 is a major phase, as our First Digi.G.C. will be formed. With these formation, the Digi.G.C. is officially working, to cater you and your craving for Knowledge. But also, will try to solve World problems which are going beyond our hands currently, because of several factors such as the scale, or the money et al.


Learn more about the Rules & Regulations of this Community and it's Working Methodology, by Subscribing

Phase 03

the Phase 03 is the stage, when we've achieved a 6 month's target, for our First G.C. This phase will be the time, when we let YOU create your own Gated Communities (ofcourse through our help and moderation).

Stay updated for our Phase 03, when you will be able to Actively Participate and not Passively, like in Phases 01 & 02.