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Ever wondered how it would be to Live in a World, where your VOTE COUNTS? The World, where you Technology is not Scary, but instead helps US survive the Climate Crisis, help US become stronger. Read more to find out how.

Robotic Sensor’s Market trend, real reason Elon Musk is afraid of Vacations?

Elon Musk told the media- Vacations will Kill you. The reality is, he is not alone who thinks that way, especially being an Entrepreneur who is innovating the automation industries. CAGR growth rate in Robotic Sensor's market is staggering.

Will Beyond Meat help change the Climate trends or Mr. Beast?

Climate change is real, and there is no denying that. Several factors such as Meat consumption, Over Population et al are leading cause of the same. Can companies/influencers like Beyond Meat & Mr. Beast, save US from it?

Does it really matter who wins the Virginia Elections, Democrats or Republicans?

The tension is brewing, between Democrats and Republicans, as results of Virginia Elections, 2019 is coming to an end. But does it really matter? Does it really matter to you and your life as a citizen? If so, to what extent?