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Designing a Democratically Smart World, through Educating people based on Research & Analysis

Ever wondered how it would be to Live in a World, where your VOTE COUNTS? The World, where you Technology is not Scary, but instead helps US survive the Climate Crisis, help US become stronger. Read more to find out how.

"..Living in the data driven society, we rely hugely on numbers and data, rationality and science ((Lohr, 2013)). Darwin postulated, and I paraphrase, complex organisms evolve out of the simplest ones, and the new, evolved and complex organisms evolve according to the natural selection and become better versions of yesterday ((Ghiselin, 2013))..this system proposes a Symbiotic relationship between the three major forces present on Earth- Humans, Nature and Technology. Currently, Humans have a Linear relationship with both of the forces. We are the Predators and Nature is the Prey. Because of this relationship, Human civilization have started to fear its own Democratic in nature, where all the three forces have an equal voice to simple concept- “All is one, one is all”((Kotsos, n.d.))..will also try to lay down the fundamentals of how to make the World Smart and not just few Cities, comparing the World to an Organism and Cities with Organs.." an abstract from the paper, Democratically Smart World- from Neighbourhoods to the World, by Prof. Preyan Mehta.


Wondering why I started with this paper? Because it is the Survival model, we at PM & Co. are striving towards. The survival model, is 3 things-

1. Democratic

2. Smart

3. Sustainable



When, people have a say as to how the World works, how we function, what we do and what we don't, when a Single Citizen can actually Design the entire World, we would achieve the True or Direct Democracy, where Citizen will act as a Single Cell, without which the Organism, i.e. the World cannot exist, and vice versa.



We are smart people, are we? Homo Sapiens Sapiens aren't that smart afterall. We are intelligent, don't get me wrong, we aren't just smart enough. If we were smart enough, we would've known that Trees are important, we would've known that cars are like cancer cells, we would've known that black people aren't inferior to the white people, we would've known that Women aren't weaker than Men et al. Humans maybe Intelligent, but we are hell Biased. Biases are our biggest weakness, after our Physical limitations.



Nature gives us everything, hell, it gave birth to US, humans. Humans are a part of the Nature, and the Technology is part of Us. Eventually, it means that Technology is a part of Nature and hence, Nature is a part of Us, Humans. We do live in a sustainable environment, but the problem is because we have stopped being sustainable and stopped being symbiotic, it has become banal.


To make all this happen, we propose H.N.T. Model of Survival, where H stands for Humans, N stands for Nature and T stands for Technology.


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