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Does it really matter who wins the Virginia Elections, Democrats or Republicans?

The tension is brewing, between Democrats and Republicans, as results of Virginia Elections, 2019 is coming to an end. But does it really matter? Does it really matter to you and your life as a citizen? If so, to what extent?

As to what I read, in this article - Democrats flip Virginia Senate and House, taking control of state government for the first time in a generation, on, Democrats' seems to win the elections.


But, what I'm interested in is, how much does it matter to YOU? Yes, sure, you are participating in the elections by voting, and that is what you've been doing since ages. So have I. But, does it really matter which side are you on, Right or Left? Democrats or Republicans?


The question probed here is deeper than what we usually tend to think. We live in a Representative Democracy and not a True/ Direct Democracy. You do vote, but it is only till a point of selecting a Representative. What the representative does, isn't controlled by US. The power game which then happens is beyond a citizen's scope and control. Your opinion and health being isn't important anymore.


So, a natural instinct erupts out from the soul, which asks- What should I do then? Whom should I vote?

Or should I vote? This instinct of ours isn't totally wrong. The fact that we live in a Predator- Prey relationships, is a proof in itself that we aren't living a symbiotic relationship with Ourselves, Nature or Technology.


Amongst trying to find Survival Model, where YOUR vote really counts, I published a paper- Democratically Smart World- from neighbourhood to the world. I proposed a Solution, through which we can Survive as a Race, as a Civilization. I named it the H.N.T. Model of Survival. Where, "H" stands for Humans, "N" stands for Nature and "T" stands for Technology. Only if we develop a symbiotic relationship between all three of them, in a Democratic fashion, than can we survive in the limited resources we have. We need to Co-Exist amongst ourselves and what we have.


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