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Robotic Sensor’s Market trend, real reason Elon Musk is afraid of Vacations?

Elon Musk told the media- Vacations will Kill you. The reality is, he is not alone who thinks that way, especially being an Entrepreneur who is innovating the automation industries. CAGR growth rate in Robotic Sensor's market is staggering.

As per the current market trends, what has been statistically calculated is a trend which influences everybody, including entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Robotic Sensor is in demand, as per the CAGR (compound annual growth rate). And to nobody's surprise, it has the maximum CAGR in the, "Auto...wait for it...Motive. Automotive Industry".


Elon Musk, on 2nd November told the media- "Vacation will kill you". He said this, in his context, because of his experiences, whenever he took a vacation. But, it is really interesting to observe, that he being the founder of Tesla, cannot take a break!


He cannot take a break, because the Automation and Sensor based industries are becoming more and more competitive, especially the Automotive sector. Tesla, being one of the pioneers of Automated/ Self Driving Cars, is facing a competition from big companies, like Ford, Porsche etc.


Is that where this industrial revolution, industrial revolution of 2025 will look like? Will the end of 21st century be so competitive, that even if you've millions of dollars, you cannot take a break?


But wait, we were supposed to lose jobs, once we will have full automation? That is where this story gets interesting. Even though the jobs, the labour jobs will be lost, a lot of higher ranked, a lot of intellectual jobs will be created once we achieve a symbiotic relationship with our Nature & Technology.


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