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Will Beyond Meat help change the Climate trends or Mr. Beast?

Climate change is real, and there is no denying that. Several factors such as Meat consumption, Over Population et al are leading cause of the same. Can companies/influencers like Beyond Meat & Mr. Beast, save US from it?

"..I go out and damn, it is hot. I live in North-Western region of India, which has one of the worst summers. The problem with me is, I hate summers & monsoons. But, what is amazing is I love Winters. Waiting for winters to come..."


" it winter already? Technically it is winter, but why is it raining and why was it hot yesterday?.."


Does this seem unreal or pushing the boundaries too far? I would say, it is the reality. This is what has been happening since few years now. Don't believe me? Go and do some research, and you'll find that the climate data is just not trust-able anymore. Temperatures rise when they aren't supposed to, it rains and storms when it isn't supposed to, winters feel like summers. There are lot of studies, and papers published which proves this, that Global Warming & Climate Change is REAL.


I was reading this article yesterday, Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’. But to my surprise, I wasn't surprised at all! The article lays down all this scientific data and information and well curated graphs, but all I was thinking to myself was- "I know about all of this, but what am I doing to change it? What are YOU doing to change it?"


Then I remembered, that I read a lot of articles on Beyond Meat, a company which is designing Plant based Meat. There are several reasons, climate change and global warming being few of them. Citing the data from the article from Guardian, as of 2017 on an average a single person consumes 45kg of Meat per year. My interest is, can small companies such as Beyond Meat, help change the Scenario?


I didn't stop my research, I was still researching, on the next big search engine- Youtube. Mr. Beast, a youtuber dedicates his entire channel on planting trees. His next big aim is to plant 1 million trees, and to the world's surprise came the White Knight on the SpaceX, Elon Musk and he tweeted- Ok, sounds legit, will donate 1M trees. Yet again, along with a lot of people, i ask the same question, can a single Human and his intentions and his methodology of Planting trees, save our Home?


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